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We’re human — and our patients are, too. No one wants therapy that's boring, feels like work, or that makes you feel like you’re in treatment.

That’s why we’ve designed the bestBrain headset to look like an audio headset — not a medical device. Our futuristic and fun headset transmits the subject's EEG via Bluetooth to a computer or a tablet with our App installed on it.

The bestBrain system trains the user's brain to respond to positive feedback and repeat the behaviors we want to encourage. Over time, this training will improve the user’s brain functions.

Users enjoy the bestBrain therapy by watching a movie of their choice. When the brain responds properly — as measured by specific brainwave activity — the movie runs normally, at full brightness. If the brain doesn’t respond the way we want, the brain gets negative feedback — the brightness dims. The human brain has a natural tendency to seek out pleasure. It craves positive feedback, and adjusts its behavior so that the movie plays properly. Over time — generally 30+ sessions of 45 minutes each — this brain training creates lasting change.


Put it on, and hit play on the next show in your Netflix® queue.


Giving objective results

We’re giving patients the capability to measure their improvement objectively by providing independent cognitive tests they can take before and after the therapy.

Having fun enables patient compliance

Our goal is that treatment will happen right in the patient’s home. When therapy doesn’t feel like work, people are more likely to do it.

Increased patient compliance is the key to better outcomes, so we’ve designed every aspect of the bestBrain solution with the best possible user experience: Watching a movie or TV show you enjoy, in the comfort of your own home, while wearing a headset that doesn’t make you feel different from anyone else is easy — and enjoyable.

We are removing the stigma and intimidation from therapy. Watching a movie with an ordinary headset doesn’t make patients feel like they’re in therapy — or feel self-conscious about their appearance.


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