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The need to improving on 50 years of Neurofeedback therapy

Traditional Neurofeedback treatment has been used for about 50 years. This therapy works over time to train the brain to operate differently. The patient watches a movie while a therapist monitors brain activity. When the patient’s brain behaves the “right” way, he’s rewarded with for example a clearer image or a louder sound.

But current Neurofeedback products come up against two big challenges:
1. Therapists don’t have a practical way to know whether treatment is effective or not — that is, whether the patient’s brain is responding to the treatment.
2. Therapists typically use a single feedback protocol for everyone, even though individual brains react and respond differently to varying stimuli.

The result is that in too many cases patients don't see a significant improvement.

Personalized, Non-Invasive Brain-Changing Therapy

We developed a personalization algorithm for increased treatment efficacy.

Our software tracks the brain’s response to multiple types of therapies, while making adjustments in real time, to ensure that the patient’s therapy is personalized to create the best possible outcomes.

Our personalization algorithm also enables the complete automation of our brain training treatment as no human intervention or refinement is necessary once the patient puts on the headset. This automation factor is key — as soon as the therapy is certified by regulations in a given region, we can immediately provide the appropriate hardware in large quantities and scale up distribution and implementation.


Protecting our IP

Our breakthroughs are worth protecting. bestBrain has invested heavily in research, development, and innovation, and we use a combination of trade secrets and patents to protect our intellectual property.

1. bestBrain has developed and validated unique technological knowhow for several scientific challenges where we could not find appropriate solutions in the literature. This work was done after extensive consultation with key industry scientists, and these technological breakthroughs are now kept as trade secrets.

2. Our system to measure efficiency and personalize the brain training is patent pending in several key markets

Wrap Your Brain Around This Data

bestBrain is also aggregating the high-quality EEG data we anonymously collect, and uses that massive data repository to further personalize treatment plans for individuals, and to find bio-markers of these conditions using Machine Learning.

We’ve begun building an extensive database of pseudonymous high-quality EEG data with the following attributes:
bestBrain performs high-quality EEG recordings which are matched with memory and other cognitive scores, enabling medical use of the results. Our systems record several types of brain activity signals and store hours of data per patient, ideal for true big data analysis. Our systems comply with the European GDPR framework for data safety and privacy. Our database will be the first of its kind in the world, containing quality EEG data of patients with a specific condition, on a large scale.

Our goal is to help support the early detection of dementia within moments, and in multiple locations: in the patient’s home, in a clinic or nursing home, or wherever else it makes sense. Ultimately, our database and the research behind it will enable a practical diagnosis system for large-scale system, usable anywhere, without requiring input from medical staff.

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