What if we could train the brain to change itself?

What if we could prevent memory decline in patients at the onset of dementia?

A decline into dementia can be devastating for families and individuals, and for most of them, it is swift and irreversible.

bestBrain is pioneering non-invasive, personalised brain therapy that will improve patients’ lives, and is designed to stop the progression of dementia — by training the brain to change itself.

Our current focus is on patients in the early phase of Alzheimer’s with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) who struggle with memory loss. This is an insidious — and inevitably fatal — disease that hasn’t been cured despite billions of dollars invested in research. Our team has developed a personalised brain therapy that is extremely user-friendly, and simple and affordable to implement, and that has the potential to be highly effective.


An In-Home Experience
that Can Scale Quickly

Cognitive self-care shouldn’t be boring or feel like work — so ours doesn’t. Our therapy is a cinema experience that allows clients to watch any movie or television show from the comfort of their own couch while wearing a custom-designed headset.


The bestBrain solution works in the comfort of the patient’s home or anywhere you can comfortably sit and watch a movie — without the need for costly clinic visits, exhausting travel, and other barriers that typically affect patient compliance.

This is a solution that’s designed to scale quickly as we don’t have to train therapists to administer treatment sessions — the patient simply puts on a headset and presses play, our software does the rest. As soon as bestBrain is approved as a treatment in a given country, we can roll out the solution at scale, with minimal implementation costs, and no wasted ramp-up time.

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Choosing the Path
of Clinical Proof

As children of elderly parents facing devastating diagnoses, as scientists and researchers with a passion for improving human life, we want to believe in a future where we can provide effective treatment for MCI - but we also understand that our solution needs to be evidence based and firmly grounded in science.

That’s why bestBrain aims to be the first self-care brain therapy to be validated by randomly controlled clinical trials. The first clinical trial of our product is currently being run by Clalit, Israel’s largest National Health Organization, on its MCI patients. Our ultimate goal is full regulatory approval as a medical device.


And Our Story Is Just Beginning!

We’re committed to working on the technology that can change people’s brains - and improve their lives. Our story starts with helping people to cope with the onset of dementia, and we are also developing a product that will improve the lives of Autistic children — and more.

We created bestBrain as a forward-thinking company that’s grounded in science and dedicated to creating a new category of products for effective Cognitive Self-Care.
Cognitive Self-Care is designed from the ground up to be:

  • Highly effective - validated by clinical trials

  • Very accessible - from anywhere you have a comfortable place to sit and watch a movie

  • Fun and enjoyable - like a home cinema experience rather than therapy

  • Self-administered - without the need for medical staff


Early detection using ML

Along the way, we’re also building the world’s first large-scale database of brain activity recordings of patients with the onset of dementia. As we build out this database, we are developing our Machine Learning (ML) system, finding bio-markers of dementia so that we can help create early detection tools that could ultimately allow doctors to treat patients earlier and more effectively.

Significant Milestones


Let’s change the future, together!